Assistive Technology

Service Unit Chair: Mathew Baker
Phone: (505) 721-1853
Email: mbaker@gmcs.k12.nmus

Early Childhood

Service Unit Chair: Carol Sanches
Phone: (505) 721-1827

Barbara Martinez, ECI & Evaluation Secretary, 721-1864
Susan Baca, ECI, 721-1806
JoAnn Bitsilly, ECI, 721-1862
Gabrielle Boucher, ECI, 721-1810
Brooke Menapace, ECI, 721-1831
Maria Reyes, ECI, 721-1892


Service Unit Chair: Carol Sanches
Phone: (505) 721-1827

Carla Bishop-Moralez, Educational Diagnostician, 721-1877
Denell Eldridge, Educational Diagnostician, 721-1846
Laurie Jaurequi, School Psychologist, 721-1852

Nursing Services

Service Unit Chair: Kyndee Keeler
Phone: (505) 721-1800

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Christopher Baldanado, School Nurse, 721-1066
Kee Bathke, School Nurse, 721-1881
Linda VanAsslet-King, School Nurse, 721-1839
Mariah Gonzales, School Nurse, 721-1896
Melonie Gonzales, School Nurse, 721-1069

Occupational Therapy

Service Unit Chair: Cathy Mikesic
Phone: (505) 721-1886

Julie Bussewitz, OTR, 721-1883
Colleen Hallock, OTR, 721-1834
Carrie Field, OTR, 721-1832
Erika Meyer, OTR, 721-1812
Dawn Moyer, OTR, 721-1822
Avril Davis, COTA, 721-1829
Matt Osbourn, COTA, 721-1829
Lori Engel, COTA
Suzanne May, COTA

School-Based Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapy is a service that is required to be provided under the Federal guidelines of IDEA to qualifying students in public schools. Occupational Therapy services are intended to support a student’s success in his educational program. Services are provided by licensed Occupational Therapists(OTs) and Certified Occupational Therapy Assistants(COTAS).

Occupational Therapy may address any of the following:

  • Visual Motor Skills
  • Sensory Processing 
  • Visual perceptual skills 
  • Ocular-motor skills
  • Self care and pre-vocational skills

Physical Therapy

Service Unit Chair: Ed Canete
Phone: (505) 721-1835

Ricardo Maldonado, Physical Therapy Assistant, 721-1865

School Social Work

Service Unit Chair: Joel Copley
Phone: (505) 721-2240

Albert Avery, SSW, 721-1854
Carol Heredia, SSW, 721-1821
Jotham Ippel, SSW, 721-1818
Thea James, SSW, 721-1838
Christine Livingston, SSW, 721-1817
Thomas Malone, SSW, 721-1856
Jose Ramirez, SSW, 721-1816

Speech & Language Pathology

Service Unit Chair: Sharol Richards
Phone: (505) 721-1844

Kendra Biava, SLP, 721-1845
Darlene Cherney, SLP, 721-1847
Katey Ferguson, SLP, 721-1843
Nicole Jones, SLP, 721-1842
Brenda Machain, SLP, 721-3500
Kim Troncoso, SLP, 721-3500

School-Based SLPs

Speech services are mandated by Federal and State law and are based on specific criteria for determining student eligibility. Speech services are intended to promote effective outcomes for students to achieve educational success by providing specialized supports and interventions. Services are provided by Speech-Language Pathologists(SLPs) who are trained clinicians.

SLPs work to treat and provide support for many types of communication and swallowing disorders.These include disorders with:

  • Speech Sounds
  • Language
  • Literacy
  • Social communication
  • Voice
  • Fluency
  • Feeding and Swallowing