Standard Response Protocol (SRP)

SRP Parent Guide is most pertinent item for moms, dads, guardians, grandparents, and community members (attached)

The SRP Standard Response Protocol and SRM Standard Reunification Method is followed by not only GMCS, but McKinley County Government, and the City of Gallup Government, so community members and parents should feel assured that GMCS personnel, local governmental staff, emergency management, and area emergency responders have a common response understanding, and are working together under one common response protocol for effective incident response at all GMCS buildings in McKinley County and within the City of Gallup.  SRP Posters and Banners are posted in all GMCS school campus buildings and classrooms, as well as at all GMCS department offices.   I would encourage Parents, Guardians, and Community Members to go to I love You Guys Foundation Webpage for further information on SRP and SRM protocols and manuals.      

GMCS contracts with Red Rock Security Company to provide security presence at all secondary campuses during school year business hours.  

GMCS employees safety and security officers who are assigned to campus quadrants to provide daily safety presence and assistance to campus principals.  GMCS safety employees also provide safety presence and assistance to all elementary campus principals.

GMCS has adopted the NMPED approved RAVE Panic Button Notification System.  This system is a safety tool for all campus building sites and all GMCS employees.  The panic button is available via App download by GMCS employees to their Android or I Phone.  The App is operational while on a GMCS building site; the App allows an employee who observes a threat or incident warranting notification to provide an immediate notification of the threat / incident by activating the App.  This notification immediately is broadcast to appropriate staff on that specific campus building and key staff at the GMCS district office.  The Panic Button notification identifies who activated the alert, what the threat is, and the App provides the specific location of the notifying employee at the identified GMCS building site.   All GMCS school building sites, department sites, and bus barns have been Geo Fenced for Rave Panic Button App operation. 

GMCS is also installing Verkda Guest at all building sites, and will be operational for the 2023-2024 school year.  This safety tool will require a valid state identification card to be presented by the campus guest and their ID will be scanned into Verkda Guest where a background check will be run automatically and a visitor badge and photo will be printed out for the guest and will identify the purpose of the campus visit. 

GMCS has installed and will be utilizing Single Wire Internal Emergency Notification System this upcoming school year.  This system is a uniform notification system for an identified emergency event.  This notification system will be broadcast on networked media devices for immediate notification of an incident.  Single Wire can be broadcast to a specific school site or it can be broadcast to multiple school sites depending on the type of incident.