An internship allows the student to apply career readiness and academic skills in a workplace setting over a period of at least 12 weeks, focusing on the student outcomes, graduate profile skills, and the academic skills developed to this point. The industry, community, or district department professional serves as employer, supervisor, and mentor to the student, and the work students do is connected back to both the academic and career technical courses in the pathway. GMCS provides student interns benefits such as compensation, transportation, and insurance to provide authentic work experience. Internships are offered in the 12th grade as an option for a capstone course and a culmination of high school work-based learning experiences.


Internship Timeline 1

Student Qualifications for Internship
All students will have to interview and be selected by the employer for the
Internship or Career Skills Training they are being recommended for.

To enter the program, a student must be:

·      a Senior;

·      on track to graduate;

·      can give up a block of 3-4 class periods in the
morning or afternoon to attend the internship or career skills training;

·      can have availability during the school day and
school hours;

·      currently in a Capstone Class, and;

·      preferably no attendance or discipline issues.


Current Internship Experience Providers

Employers and supervisors of the GMCS Internship Program play instrumental roles in shaping the early professional journeys of young individuals. These dedicated professionals offer high school students invaluable opportunities to explore potential career paths, acquire essential skills, and gain firsthand experience in real-world settings. Employers provide a nurturing environment where students can apply classroom knowledge to practical scenarios, fostering growth and enhancing employability. Supervisors, serving as mentors and guides, offer tailored guidance, feedback, and support, ensuring that students benefit most from their internship experiences. Together, high school internship employers and supervisors pave the way for the next generation, equipping them with the tools, insights, and confidence to embark on successful careers and make meaningful contributions to society. GMCS is grateful for forging an enduring partnership with these organizations, institutions, businesses, and departments:

City of Gallup

Local Businesses/Industries/Organizations

GMCS Departments

  • Business Office​
  • Public Relations​
  • Maintenance & Operations​
  • SFE​
  • Technology Department​
  • Print Shop​
  • Transportation Department​
  • Occupational Therapy​
  • Cultural Ed​
  • Warehouse (R&D)​
  • Construction & Remodeling​
  • Bright Future Childcare ​
  • SIS/ STARS team​
  • GMCS Schools: Educational Assistants​

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