We are currently taking applications for next year’s cohort 2022-2023.

PS is typically a graduate program for adults from 18-22 yo who graduated on an alternate diploma option. All eligible individuals are encouraged to apply. The deadline to apply for next school year is March 25th. Applicants are then given an employability skills assessment and selected by our steering committee based on their individual assessment results. Consideration is given to applicants who meet the Project SEARCH criteria but have not yet graduated. They can use Project SEARCH as High School Credits needed to meet graduation requirements.

Application Purpose and Guidelines

The purpose of this application process is to determine the skillset and work readiness of the Project SEARCH intern applicant as well as ensure the intern has or will have the supports needed to transition to competitive employment.  This application helps the Selection Committee* to assess each applicant’s skills, work readiness, employment experience, and supports needed.  The applicant, or someone who knows the applicant well (parent, transition specialist, teacher, employer), may be contacted by a member of the Selection Committee to gather additional information.  Our goal is to select interns who will be successful in the Project SEARCH program and reach the outcome of competitive employment.