GMCS Graduate Profile Graphic

The development of the GMCS Career pathway began with comprehensive input from all stakeholders, especially from various communities throughout the county. This collaborative effort culminated in the GMCS Graduate Profile, which outlines the community’s vision of the skills and knowledge high school graduates should possess. This profile, depicted above, is anchored by the Navajo Epistemology for the Dine Language and Culture, highlighting the importance of cultural relevance and rigor. The GMCS Graduate Profile promotes holistic student development in areas like critical thinking, effective collaboration, lifelong learning, and becoming a responsible individual all rooted in cultural and spiritual values like the Hozho Way of Life. The goal is to prepare students for academic, career, and technical education success while emphasizing exploration and achievement.

The GMCS Graduate Profile Competencies & Descriptors

Creative & Critical Thinker

I show my creativity and critical thinking when I…
• SOLVE PROBLEMS (…find, understand, and solve problems that are important to me and my community)
• SHARE MY WORK (…make my ideas clear to others, and clarify my own ideas using feedback from others)
• PERSEVERE (…have the courage to learn from my mistakes, and try again)

Responsible Individual

I show I am a responsible individual when I…
• Am ACCOUNTABLE (…keep my commitments to others, make sound decisions, and live my values)
• Am PREPARED (…read, write, and practice for discussions, presentations, and experiences ahead of time)
• MAKE PLANS (…set new goals, take on new roles, and explore who I might become in the future)

Effective Collaborator

I show I am an effective collaborator when I…
• LISTEN (…direct my attention to the ideas and contributions of others)
• SHOW MUTUAL RESPECT (…acknowledge and build onto other people’s ideas, beliefs, and experiences with humility and care)
• BUILD MY TEAM (…encourage others to participate, in ways that generate trust and a sense of belonging)

Lifelong Learner

I show I am a lifelong learner when I…
• Am AUTHENTIC (…follow my interests, explore my identity, and help my community)
• Am REFLECTIVE (…ask questions, clarify my understanding, and continually evaluate my own growth over time)
• USE TECHNOLOGY (…produce artifacts, connect with experts, and share my work using digital media tools and platforms)

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