Community and business partnerships are vital in enhancing students’ work-based learning experiences by bridging classroom learning with real-world applications. These collaborations allow students to gain practical insights, develop essential skills, and understand diverse industries. Additionally, partnerships benefit local businesses by introducing fresh perspectives and potential talent, while communities thrive through student contributions and civic engagement. Together, educators, business leaders, and community members create tailored programs and mentorship opportunities that prepare students for the global workforce, fostering holistic development and building resilient communities.

Building on the collaborative efforts of the GMCS CCCR Department, the Business Advisory Committee was formed and emerged as a pivotal entity in this ecosystem, further solidifying the alignment between academic institutions and industry needs. In addition, by leveraging its expertise and network, the Business Advisory Committee plays a crucial role in expanding partnerships, fostering innovation, and creating sustainable opportunities for students and partners.

Business Advisory Committee 3
The Business Advisory Committee is a team of local business and industry advisory committees aligned to industry-themed pathways. The team bridges the school district with the local business community, enhancing educational experiences by providing input and feedback and connecting students with guest speakers. This committee also fosters partnerships and arranges workplace tours, equipping students with valuable real-world insights and skills for their future. Sarah Piano, Senior Director of Northern NM Big Brothers Big Sisters Mountain Region/City Councilor, leads the team’s monthly meetings. ​

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