All Devices

Download the following security certificate file “GMCS-FW-CA-SSL.cer” to your device

For Internet Explorer, Chrome, and Safari (on Windows and macOS):

1. If you are using Windows 7/8/10, double-click the downloaded certificate file and select Open. Select Install Certificate to launch the Certificate Import Wizard.

2. Use the wizard to install the certificate into the Trusted Root Certificate Authorities store. If a security warning appears, select Yes to install the certificate.

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3. If you are using macOS, double-click the certificate file to launch Keychain Access.

4. Locate the certificate “FG1K5DT919800485” in the Certificates list and select it. Expand Trust and select Always Trust. If necessary, enter the administrative password for your computer to make this change.

5d0a90d7279d80.51775922 5b mac keychain access

For Firefox (on Windows and macOS)

Firefox has its own certificate store. To avoid errors in Firefox, the certificate must be installed in this store, rather than in the OS.

If users are using Firefox, instead of being pushed to all of their devices, the certificate must be installed on each device.

  1. In Firefox, go to Options > Privacy & Security (Windows) or Preferences > Privacy & Security (macOS).
  2. Scroll down to the Certificates section. Select View Certificates, select the Authorities list. Import the downloaded certificate and set it to be trusted for website identification.
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